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Our practical holiday homes in Merano and surrounding areas

Living close to nature for your well-being

Enjoy our holiday homes, distinguished by premium natural materials and a focus on functionality. Each residence features a fully equipped kitchen, ensuring you can live independently and comfortably. As a bonus, a terrace or balcony offers awe-inspiring views of the majestic Naturno mountains. Welcome to a harmonious blend of nature and comfort!

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2–3 people, 36m²
St. Oswald Apartment
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2–4 people, 40m²
Hochwart Apartment
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2–6 people, 64m²
Juval Apartment
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2–6 people, 64m²
Apartment Kirchbach
  • 1. Golden Lodge
  • 2. Gala Lodge
  • 3. Loft Lodge
  • 4. Reception
  • 5. Schwarzlehen